Track Carbon Trade in Europe

The European Union Emissions Trading System (EUETS) regulates greenhouse gas emissions of energy and energy-intensive industries as well as inner-European aviation. With more than 13’000 regulated entities and an emissions cap of about 1.8 billion tCO2 (2019), the EUETS is the world's largest carbon market and a centerpiece of EU climate policy.

EUETS.INFO provides information about emissions and compliance behavior under the EUETS. We provide this information on the level of emitting installations as well as on the country level. We enable you to search accounts, the administrative backbones of the EUETS, and analyze their transactions. In doing so, we increase the transparency of the EUETS and facilitate further empirical research on trading and compliance behavior in the EUETS.

The European Union Transaction Log (EUTL) is our main data source. Whereas the EUTL provides all data, they are not easily accessible. Following an open data approach, EUETS.INFO provides all processed data. For transparency, we also provide the routines to download and process the original EUTL data. To lower the entry barrier to dig into the analysis of EUTL data, we also provide the Python package pyeutl implementing the data model and facilitating accessing the dataset.

Last update: 26.05.2022 (EUTL version: 13.7EUTLP04-03-2022 14:52)


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Industrial installations regulated under the EUETS

See locations of installations and examine their emissions and compliance behavior.

Analyze Installations


Countries regulating emissions using the EUETS

Examine countries' emissions and allowance allocation.

Examine Registries


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Administrative units to transfer allowances between parties

Search for accounts and analyze their transaction behavior.

Analyze Transactions